Newcent AG is a financial technology company founded in April 2018. The company provides institutional and qualified investors with access to the new emerging class of assets – digital assets. Newcent is based in Zug, Switzerland, in the famous Crypto Valley - the home to the world’s densest cluster of innovative organizations that utilize blockchain technology. Our location in Switzerland allows our clients to benefit from the trust and reliability associated with the Swiss financial system, which is widely recognized for its integrity, transparency and discipline.

Our vision

We are convinced that the digitisation of value, driven by blockchain technology, will transform all industries. We strive towards providing knowledgeable and professional investors with compliant and transparent access to the untapped potential of digital assets. We believe that this evolving asset class requires a new type of financial provider which will combine the utmost integrity and compliance of traditional finance institutions with the agility and technological expertise of the digital world. We’re developing such a platform and strive to become a leading provider that helps qualified investors to unlock the huge potential of the digital world.

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