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How did Tesla drive the Bitcoin Forward

On February 8, Bitcoin has reached its new peak at $44 750, - after Tesla has announced they have invested $1,5 billion in this cryptocurrency and plans to accept it as a payment. Vladimir Smetanin, Newcent's CEO, comments on this situation to Forbes.

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Not “How To Buy”, But “How To Sell”

What are most investors afraid of when they consider to start working with cryptocurrencies? Vladimir Smetanin, Newcent’s CEO, debunks the popular fears one by one while explaining the basic principles of legal and transparent cryptoinvestments.

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Investors Raised The Ripple Price Together

What did Reddit have to do with Ripple - and what do these unusual events teach us in the long perspective? Vladimir Smetanin, Newcent's CEO, comments on the “Ripple Effect” for Kommersant, - Russia’s leading business newspaper.

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Why can Bitcoin still go up - and how high?

The father of all cryptocurrencies keeps rising after Ilon Musks’s famous tweet. But will the tendency continue? Vladimir Smetanin, CEO of Newcent, comments on Musk’s initiatives to one of Russia’s leading business media outlets.

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Bitcoin is Up Again

What causes bitcoin’s unprecedented rise - and does it mean that we are facing a bubble’s explosion and a rude awakening to some? Vladimir Smetanin, CEO of Newcent, comments on the coin’s overperformance to Russia’s major business radio station.

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Interview with Forklog

А transparent, regulated Swiss-based financial company that specializes, among other things, in working with large cryto customers, - how was it created, how is it organized, which rules exist for this specific industry and how does it build its interactions with the government regulators? Vladimir Smetanin, Newcent's CEO, answers all these - and many other - questions in an interview for Forklog, one of Russia's leading cryptocurrency media outlets.

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Time to act: how to open a startup in the Cryptovalley?

Our CEO Vladimir Smetanin tells the story of opening a financial startup in the Swiss “cryptovalley” in one of Russia’s most dynamic business media, - and lays out the dangers, the benefits and the lifehacks for those who consider to try and become financial moguls by starting their way in Switzerland.

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Swiss financial company Newcent starts trading in gold

One of Russia’s major cryptocurrency media reports the news about us starting to trade in gold, quoting our CEO Vladimir Smetanin: “Gold and cryptocurrencies are alternatives for those investors who do not want to put their money into deposits or to reach out to the stock market. In the near future, cryptocurrencies have a chance to reach the trading level comparable to that of gold”.

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How to legally invest in cryptocurrency more than $50,000?

When making large investments, the investor usually must provide information about the sources of the invested sum. In this article for one of Russia’s major cryptocurrency media, we explain the methods to legally and transparently make high-volume investments in cryptocurrency.

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Is Bitcoin a Safe Investment? | Investing in Crypto

Real Vision’s video interview with Vladimir Smetanin, Founder & CEO of Newcent, about digital assets as an investment instrument. Cryptocurrencies might be one of the best investments right now. With everything going on in the world, does a currency independent of governments and central banks now make sense? Can cryptocurrencies become safe havens for investors in troubled times? And how does it compare to the king of safe havens, gold?

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Evolution step. How Bakkt will change the cryptocurrency market

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Ethereum: from Byzantium to Constantinople – long waiting for buying spree

Newcent AG CEO Vladimir Smetanin and analyst Stanislav Savinov assess Ethereum's prospects for RBC.Crypto

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